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The In-Home Massage Experience

Do you ever wake up on your day off after a long week at work and can’t decide if you should stay at home and rest or get a massage from your favorite massage therapist? Well, now you don’t have to choose between convenience and self-care. Massage on Wheels is a locally grown 5-star massage company that brings an entire spa experience to the comfort of your home. They also work with some of the best, advanced therapists in town. When you book an in-home massage with Massage on Wheels, your highly-skilled massage therapist will show up to your house with a comfortable heated massage table, music, oils, sheets and linens, and provide you with not only a relaxing massage but also a very therapeutic massage experience.

Staff Insight:

Lisa Shields, LMBT # 13179

When it comes to choosing a massage therapist, I can be very particular. When I discovered Massage on Wheels, I learned quickly that every therapist was unique and never failed to provide an outstanding experience. When ever I decide to have a self-care day, I always book my massage with Massage on wheels. I wake up, stay in my PJ’s and pour myself a cup of tea. I like to set the space before my massage therapist shows up, by lighting incense or putting essential oils in my aromatherapy diffuser. I set my intention for my massage and do some gentle stretching or a meditation until the therapist arrives. When the therapist comes, they set up their heated massage table and play relaxing spa music. Every therapist I have worked with so far has done a thorough check-in with me, and had been able to alleviate my main complaints, while also providing a total mind and body relaxation. After my massage is complete, I head straight for the bath tub to take an Epsom salt bath. This is the advice that many massage therapists have given over the years, but by the time I get home I have already moved on. I love being able to stay at home in the rejuvenating space, no getting in my car and facing the world right after a really deep and relaxing massage.

I encourage you to explore the immense possibilities of the in-home massage experience. Take the time to take a bath or a nap, to allow the relaxing experience to keep going. You can book a couple’s massage with your significant other and share a nice romantic meal together afterwards. Plan a girl’s day with your best friends, and do your nails, hair and facials after a group massage. You can also take advantage of Massage on Wheels add-on services such as hot-stones, aromatherapy, or CBD oil, to get the most out of your massage experience when you don’t have the extra time to enhance your own experience.


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